One warm summer's night
under meteor peppered sky
Down by Kits Dog Beach...

Lucky Ape incorporated in September 2010 with the goal of providing web resource flexibility to a range of agency clients. Lucky Ape is also a vehicle for safely referencing myself in the third person.

Back then Wordpress and Drupal contracts punctuated work creating game web sites for Electronics Arts.

More recently Lucky Ape has enjoyed successful long-term engagements providing turn-key LAMP & MEAN full stack + UI design service.

The name Lucky Ape is a reductionist take on the absurdity of good fortune that permits working from home, living in Kitsilano and life in general.

graham charlesMy name is Graham Charles, I am Lucky Ape's principal resource. Since 1998 I have been gathering skills and experience as a web professional.

Originally a frontend developer and designer, by 2004 I was also working regularly on a PHP backend.

My favorite things are complex problems and dogs.

Guerilla Gorilla Gorilla Guerilla tries to celebrate the rebellious nature of Lucky Ape's " self-taught hacker-raver turned modern software engineer" origin story.

( the whole thing teeters on
being gauchely elitist if you ask me )